Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer computer game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. The latest major game in the Counter-Strike series; Like all games in the series, it is dedicated to confronting terrorists and special forces.

Logged out on a PC running Windows, Mac computers and game consoles Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, took place on August 21, 2012. In 2014 it was released on Linux, and in 2016 it became available, as part of the backward compatibility program, on Xbox One. In 2018, a free version (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition) was released without the ability to play with real players, only fights with bots are presented.

The first news about the development of the game appeared along with the official announcement – August 12, 2011. Rumors that the company Valve, responsible for the Counter-Strike series of games, is developing a new part of the game (the last major game of the series at that time, apart from a separate version aimed at an Asian audience, was Counter-Strike: Source 2004). days earlier.

In the announcement of the game it was reported that the developers promise to keep the basics of the gameplay of the “classic” version of the game – Counter-Strike 1.6, and also add new maps for multiplayer battles (among which will be remakes of old maps with improved graphics), models of fighters and weapons. Among other improvements were expected online record tables and a system of automatic selection of rivals. It was said that the game will be released in early 2012, and in 2011 it will be shown at PAX Prime and Eurogamer Expo exhibitions. The game was developed for a personal computer with Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, and for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles (where it was released in the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live online services, respectively).

Some sites have suggested that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be based on the latest version of the game engine Source, Valve’s own design, on which all the latest games of the studio are built; However, in the official announcement there are no clarifications regarding the technological part. Several major sites have published a “game trailer”, which is actually a remounted amateur (in particular, the inscription at the end of the video is changed) with a trailer for another part, Counter-Strike Online.

Approximately simultaneously with the first news-announcements of the game, information appeared that the developers of Valve invited the best cyber-athletes playing Counter-Strike to test the new part; One of the testers described his impressions of familiarity with the working version of Global Offensive in a small preview, in which he reports that “the project was developed on the updated Source engine”, confirms data on new types of weapons and that the game will have improved and reworked versions of old maps (“maps looked great, player skins and animations are superb, and weapon models are extremely beautiful”); According to the tester, the game is a working version, but “it looks better than some kind of pre-beta.”

On August 15, 2011, there were other news regarding the game: it became known that Hidden Path Entertainment, which collaborates with Valve, intends to work on updates for Counter-Strike: Source (along with Global Offensive updates) after the release of Global Offensive, details of some of the details appeared. gameplay (for example, the monetary system has been completely reworked, new explosive items have appeared – the Molotov cocktail and the false grenade, which imitates gunshots, knocking the enemy confused).

On August 20, 2011 and a few days later, news began to emerge that the developers intend to make the multiplayer mode cross-platform, but this compatibility will be only with the Windows version, Mac version and version for the PlayStation 3; that is, the owners of the game, playing on the console, and players playing on personal computers, will have the opportunity to fight together on one server. “We no longer want to divide the gaming industry into islands separated from each other,” commented the statement of support for the cross-platform game Gabe Newell, the founder of Valve. It was also stated that the version of the game for the PlayStation 3 will fully support keyboard and mouse controls (which can be connected to the console via the provided USB ports). Available standard control from the console controller and control from the PlayStation Move controller

Gabe Newell also criticized Microsoft, noting that the software platform was too closed, which did not allow many network functions to be implemented, including playing together with other platforms (it’s not for this reason that playing together with Xbox 360 players could not be implemented).
On August 26, 2011, the first official game trailer was released, which showed graphics (use of the latest version of the Source engine at the time of developing the game), gameplay (including a new weapon purchase menu), maps and weapons.

September 6, 2011 it became known that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be presented at the game exhibition “IgroMir 2011”. The exhibition will be the first time in the world shows the PC version of the game.

September 19, 2011 it became known that the so-called “casual mode” will be available in the new game. Beginners will be able to play individually; the game for them will be more simple, and the weapon will not need to buy.

On September 22, 2011, Valve announced that Arsenal: Demolition and Arsenal: Arms Race will be among the multiplayer modes. These modes were first introduced in the amateur Gun Game modification for Counter-Strike: Source; the game developers liked them, so it was decided to invite the authors of the modification to work on the new part.

October 1, 2011 one of the developers of Valve announced that the computer version of the game will not differ from the console version.
In early November, Valve representatives reported that the open beta testing of the game, which was scheduled to begin in October, was postponed due to the authors’ desire to work on the game before taking it to the public.

On November 18, 2011, Valve announced that closed beta testing will begin on November 30.

On June 4, 2012, Valve announced at the E3 exhibition the release date of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is scheduled for August 21, 2012 and the price for all platforms is $ 14.99.

On August 8, 2012, pre-order of the game became available in the Steam digital distribution service. It was also announced that open beta testing will start on August 14, but it will be available to those who used the pre-order of the game, that is, purchased it before the official release.

August 15, 2012 Valve published in its blog the full statistics of the beta test from December 1, 2011 to August 15, 2012.

On August 16, 2012, it became known that everyone who pre-ordered Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would receive an item from Team Fortress 2 as a gift. This item is a weapon for the sniper made in the form of an AWP. AWPer Hand (“Elephant”) got everyone who pre-ordered CS: GO on Steam before August 21.

August 22, 2012 (at 21:00 Moscow time) the game was released on Steam. On the same day, the first update was released.

On October 1, 2012, another update was released, which added two new maps: de_vertigo – for the classic mode and ar_monastery – for the “Arms Race”, also added a new competitive game mode for the titles – “Classic Competitive”, and a 5-step exit penalty system from the match. At the first premature exit, the player will block the competitive mode for 5 minutes, at the second – 30 minutes, the third – 2 hours, the fourth – 24 hours, the fifth – a week. In the event that the player does not violate during the week, the level of the penalty is reduced to the previous step.

On October 25, 2012, an update was released, including GOTV and competitive mode skill groups. From now on, when searching for a match and forming a team, the game focuses on the level of a player (lobby leader) earned in a competitive mode. The rank is given at the end of 10 matches won.

On November 15, 2012, another update came out, containing, in addition to the corrected errors, changes in the balance of the Molotov cocktail and incendiary grenades. From now on, the fire can be extinguished by a smoke bomb. Among other changes: the fire now spreads faster, but the radius of spread is reduced; fire does not slow down now; adjusted fire penetration ability.

In the update of January 23, 2013, the official regime “Fight to Death” was implemented. All classic mode maps and the “Destroy Object” mode map are supported. With the support of professional community players, changes were made to the balance and return of weapons, as well as to the purchase menu: the AWP murder reward is increased from $ 50 to $ 100, Glock-18 is assigned only to the terrorist team, Five-SeveN is assigned only to the special forces team, Molotov for Terrorists reduced to $ 500. Launched closed beta testing workshop (Eng. Workshop) for the creators of maps.

January 30, 2013 in the menu “Play with friends” added the ability to monitor the game of a friend playing on the official competition server using GOTV. On March 21, 2013, a map was added to the game for the classic cs_militia mode. Also, the hostage rescue system was drastically changed: now they cannot be killed, injury, as before, is punishable by a fine, and in order for the special forces to take hostages to the rescue zone, they must carry them on themselves when in previous versions of Counter- Strike hostages just followed them. In addition, the special forces can only carry on one hostage.

On August 14, 2013, the game received a global update of Arms Deal, which brought into the game collections with different colorings (“skins”) for weapons. You can get a coloring on any weapon in various ways: at the end of a match, randomly a random player drops a “drop” – a coloring, buy a key and case in the game, buy on the trading floor. Objects that may fall out: coloring (several qualities – consumer goods, industrial, military quality, forbidden, classified, secret); knife (with blade-hook, folding, bayonet-knife, M9 bayonet-knife, kerambit, hunting, butterfly knife, falchion, daggers, brass knuckles and Bowie’s knife); or a case containing many “skins” and knives. Supplement allowed to collect, buy and sell weapons. Added more than 100 types of modified weapons. Players also received M4A1-S and USP-S with a silencer.

On August 21, 2013, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was exactly one year old. In honor of this event, Valve Studio has published game statistics. In total, the players fired shots – 90,623,305,670; player hits – 18,124,661,134; total killings – 6,524,878,008; headshots – 2,253,969,830; knife killings – 508,661; rescued hostages – 5,407,652; total bombs were cleared – 60,889,023.
In August 2014, an ESL One Cologne CS: GO championship was held at Gamescom with a prize pool of $ 250,000. The prize of 100 thousand dollars was won by the team Ninjas in Pajamas from Sweden.

On November 11, 2014, another operation came out – the so-called event held in the game, during which certain missions appear – called “Avant-garde” (Eng. Operation Vanguard). Players have access to 6 new maps on which it is necessary to perform the mission of this operation – Backalley, Bazaar, Facade, Marquis, Season and Workout. The operation ended in March 2015.

December 10, 2014 there was an update for the map de_train, including the processing of textures and graphics, as well as refinement on the part of the gameplay.

On January 8, 2015, cases called Chroma Case were added, including new coloring for weapons and knives.

On March 31, 2015, a major update was released, which includes changes in the display of smoke grenades, as well as slowing down the speed of movement with sniper rifles with an activated sight; minor changes were made on such cards as Cache, Cobblestone, Dust II, Mirage, Overpass and Train; de_nuke was removed from the main composition of the maps and de_train was added instead; reduced the number of rounds in a Tec-9 pistol from 32 to 24; lowered the accuracy of shooting at long distances; increased the price of the M4A1-S rifle from $ 3100 to $ 3200 and so on.

On January 21, 2016, the game became available on Xbox One, becoming one of the gaming initiatives on backward compatibility of games on Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

On February 18, 2016, another major update was released, containing a new operation – Operation Wildfire (Rus. “Wild Flame”). A new case called Operation Wildfire Case has been added to the game, containing the most popular items from the Steam workshop. New cards became available for players to play – Empire, Mikla, Royal, Santorini, Tulip, Cruise and Coast. Nuke card has been updated. The operation ended July 15, 2016.

On April 28, 2016, a major update was released, which includes changes in sounds and bug fixes. A new Chroma 3 Case has also been added, including 17 new weapon colorings; the damage from the Molotov cocktail and the incendiary grenade was changed to 40 damage per second, regardless of what indicators were set on the server; installed servers in Chile; news in the main menu are displayed in the language selected for playing by the user.

A major update was released on June 16, 2016, which added the Gamma Case (contains 17 new weapon colorings, 7 new knife colorings – just 30 knives), the Wildfire operation became unavailable for purchase, although it was extended for a month; At the initial ranks, novices will get more experience for the end of the usual game; competitive game became available earlier, namely at 2 game rank. Prime accounts have been updated: those who have hooked up the phone in a special section will get a prime account, and a minimum of 21 game ranks or service medals will be reached. During the game for the bot, the player will be able to get money for the won round already at his own expense, and not at the expense of the bot. Slightly changed teams and their capabilities. On Mac computers, the mouse is directly connected; the fonts and their size in the main menu are changed.

On June 17, 2016, a minor update was released in which the sounds of the first person and reloading of Nova and Sawed-Off shotguns are changed. Added function to play sound in the Alt + Tab menu on Windows and Linux. On Mac, the font view in the console has been changed, some bugs in full-screen mode have been fixed.

September 14, 2017 the game was officially launched in China, the publisher was the company Beijing Perfect World. In honor of this, there was an update, in which new stickers for Chinese players were added, were subsequently added to the international Steam version.

September 30, 2018 a special version, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition, was released on Steam. In this version of the game, only a game with bots is available, and also, instead of a network game, viewing other people’s sessions using the GOTV function.

On October 3, 2018, a new update was released, which includes an updated character design of the anti-terrorism side on Office, Nuke and Agency cards.